About Us

Adelle Prime

Dellez is an online store that offers quality clothing that is perfectly proportioned for a woman 5' 10" and taller as well as quality shoes ranging from sizes 10 – 13. At Dellez, we understand the frustration of a woman taller than average that has been blessed with that supermodel height and we hope to ease these frustrations by providing clothing that not just fit, but one that is fashionable, eye catching, head turning and absolutely stunning to compliment your sexy physique!

We currently have limited stock for sale however we will continue to grow our product lines over the upcoming months.  Please continue to visit our website or follow us on facebook or instagram for regular updates on new products and discounts.

We are devoted to you and strive to meet your expectations so we welcome your feedback, comments and ideas to improve and better serve you.

So prepare to be the envy of many, because we make tall amazing!

We thank you for visiting and your continued support.